Guileless Bopomofo Keyboard

A simple Bopomofo software keyboard (input method editor) for typing Hanyu

Material Files

Open source Material Design file manager

Simple Clock - A flexible multifunctional app

A combination of a clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer.

Smart AutoClicker

Automating clicks based on what is displayed


This is a client app for the self-hostable Immich Server


Voice assistant: multilanguage, configurable and free

Open TimeLimit

Simply limit the usage duration

Flexibly limit the usage duration

Simple SMS Messenger - Manage messages easily

An easy and quick way of managing SMS and MMS messages without ads.

ClassyShark3xodus - Scan apps for warnings

Checks apk(s) for known trackers (provided by Exodus) +other warnings and specs.

HTTP Request Shortcuts

Create home screen shortcuts that trigger arbitrary HTTP requests


Sshfs with ssh client and interface for Android.


Enhanced fork of FreeOTP-Android providing a feature-rich 2FA authenticator


The app store that respects freedom and privacy


A private local storage utility application for android.

Package Manager

A powerful application to manage your apps!

Prepaid Balance

Keep track your prepaid balance


Keep display awake

Fox's Magisk Module Manager

A module manager for Magisk because the official app dropped support for it.

Easer (beta)

User-defined explicit automation for Android

GLPI Agent

GLPI Android Inventory Agent

Battery Tool | Hibernate Unused Apps

Automatically stop apps running in the background. Free, no ads and open source.


Really simple to use privacy manager for Marshmallow (6.0) and later


Locate your smartphone via SMS when it gets lost

kDI Device Info system permission

androidSpec(s); GSF, Widevine L1/3, microG, Treble, A/B device infos (+otherIDs)


A free space eraser


A UnifiedNlp backend

Neo Backup

Your open-source tool to backup your apps … and their data

TinyBit Launcher

Small memory footprint, icon pack support, color and behaviour customizable

MAXS Transport XMPP

XMPP Transport for MAXS